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American Head Charge - The War Of Art (2001)

Origin: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Genres: Nu-Metal
Status: Active

American Head Charge - The War Of Art (2001)

American Head Charge, the Minneapolis-based industrial nu-metal metal band, which had its genesis nine years ago when Martin Cock (then known as Cameron Heacock) and Chad Hanks (now known as Mr. H.C. Banks III) first crossed paths in a Minnesota rehab facility, has up to now been known primarily for the radically dysfunctional behavior of the band members.
A pretty new industrial metal band, close friends to System of a Down. The 7 member band, which includes a lead singer, a bassist, a drummer, two guitarists, and two keyboardists, is quickly gaining a reputation for both the quality of their music and their crazy live performances. Also known to be gun freaks, every single member owns atleast one gun, their lead singer got in trouble for firing a real shotgun into the air when they were on stage at Ozzfest. The ultimate anti-boy band, coming in at a time when almost every other band turned pop(metallica, korn) or were pop from the begining(Linkin Park, Mudvayne).

American Head Charge ЂЂЂ The War Of Art (2001)

American Head Charge - The War Of Art (2001)

01. A Violent Reaction
02. Pushing The Envelope
03. Song For The Suspect
04. Never Get Caught
05. Sell
06. Just So You Know
07. Seamless
08. Effigy 23
09. Americunt Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage
10. Shutdown
11. We Believe
12. Breathe In Bleed Out
13. Fall
14. Reach And Touch
15. All Wrapped Up
16. Nothing Gets Nothing

American Records
Released: 08/21/01

Martin Cock Vocals
Chad Hanks Bass, Guitar, Programming
Justin Fowler Keyboards, Sampling
David Rogers Guitar
Wayne Kile Guitar
Aaron Zilch Keyboards
Chris Emery Drums


Password: nnm.me





American Head Charge - The War Of Art (2001)

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