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Speed (PC Mark Test)
Windows Start-Up Time

Windows experts
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[…] Get your PC in top shape – with a world innovation for top speed, and increased performance for Windows, games and programs.[…]

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If you want to keep your computer running smoothly without doing any of the heavy lifting yourself, reach for this PC system utilities application. [...]

Boost computer performance for free!

Hardly any PC maxes out its performance. Incorrect system settings, data trash, autostart programs, and Windows errors can make any computer run at a snail's pace - even yours!

Check your PC immediately and find out what is making your system slow and sluggish. The free trial version of TuneUp Utilitiesв„ў 2012 boosts PC speed reliably and improves performance.

Optimize your PC yourself

Thanks to over 30 software tools, TuneUp Utilitiesв„ў 2012 optimizes your PC. It enables you to fix Windows errors and incorrect settings, switch off Autostarter and disable programs that are rarely used. All this helps increase the performance of a computer. Many of the clean-up tasks can even be set to run automatically in the background. Helpful: There are numerous assistants and tips available for more inexperienced users.

Your benefits of having an optimized PC:

  • Faster Internet speed thanks optimized network settings
  • Programs files open faster
  • Programs that are rarely or never used no longer make the PC run at a snail's pace
  • Gain more disk space on your hard disk
  • Fewer errors and system crashes

100% PC performance: Head off resource hogs at the pass with just a few clicks.